As much as I dislike dealing with snow removal and cold feet, I am glad to have some seasonable weather conditions cycling through the hill towns recently. I have always said my favorite month to fish is February and it surely wouldn’t be the same without some colder temps and snow on the ground. Winter truly has so many benefits to offer, one of my favorites being the ever calming snow covered landscape that surrounds us. It really is something to experience and catching fish in the winter is just all the more gratifying! Another great benefit to fishing in February is that the weather is typically consistent allowing us to accurately target specific bite windows for trophy class fish. Another great benefit not to be overlooked is the quality of fish usually goes up! Whether it be Northern Pike or Wild Brown Trout you can expect to catch bigger and heavier fish through the month of February.
I understand many are concerned with being cold and uncomfortable, but I can honestly say its not as bad as one would think and once you experience it for yourself you’ll be glad you did. With a few basic essentials you can stay reasonably comfortable through the day.
So if you have yet to experience fishing in the winter I truly recommend you give it a shot!

Here is a video on how to use the 10 day extended forecast to identify a prime bite window! Here’s a quick video explaining how I prepare myself to stay comfortable through the day! Here’s a video of my most relied upon piece of safety equipment every angler should own!