“River Reports”

It’s pretty hard to beat fishing The Deerfield River right now! Not only has it been consistently producing solid catch numbers, but it has also been consistently producing some quality Wild Brown Trout as well. The water temp has been between 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit with the average flows between 900cfs-1500cfs. You will find it off now and again at 130cfs which makes for phenomenal walk and wade fishing! For nymphs you can expect any weighted Pheasant Tail, Stone Fly, Frenchie, Hares Ear, Mop, or Egg patterns from size 14-18 to get the job done. Long drifts in deep slow runs under an indicator has been most productive. For streamers I would recommend tan/olive Bank Robber Sculpin, olive/brown/white Heisenberg, olive PeaNut Envy, olive/white Swimmin’ Jimmy. Targeting deep pools and soft seems with a sink tip or full sink line should put you where you need to be. Don’t forget about our Deerfield River Discounted Winter Float rates!!!

If you are looking to target Big Brown’s and quality over quantity, water temps on The Hoosic have been between 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit with the average flow between 200cfs-300cfs. With recent rain its been bumped up over 500cfs and slowly dropping. Be mindful of days where the air temps get much above 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit as this will typically introduce a bump of colder run off that you can expect to slow down if not shut off the bite.

For nymphs I recommend heavily weighted black Stone Fly and olive Cray Fish patterns. For streamers I recommend Swimmin’ Jimmy, HeadBanger Sculpin, Bank Robber Sculpin.

For those like myself that are pretty well addicted to predator fishing, The Housatonic River has been consistently hovering around 36 degrees Fahrenheit and due to recent rain increased flows are slowly dropping creating prime feeding conditions. Olive over white, brown over white, or solid white Deceiver patterns fished on an Intermediate or Full Sink line low and slow seem to produce the most action. This time of year is when we typically get into some of the heaviest Northern Pike landed on the fly. We also have the new Diamondback Universal Predator 400GN rod in the line up, if you’re in the market I highly recommend you come out and try it!

Here’s a video of our short review on the new Diamondback 400 GN Universal Predator Rod!